jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Neuronium - The Visitor

Año de publicación: 1981

Electrónica/espacial/sintetista, instrumental.


Existe una versión remezclada y con otra portada bajo el nombre de "The New Visitor", publicada en 1990. Se trata de la primera versión en CD de este disco. Enlace en comentarios.


Year of release: 1981

Electronic/spacey/synthetist, instrumental.


A remixed version of this album exists under the name "The New Visitor". The cover art is different as well. It was released in 1990 and it was the first CD edition of The Visitor. Link in comments.

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EzequieL dijo...

Neuronium - The Visitor

Rapidshare: http://lix.in/40c83a1d
zShare: http://lix.in/09541c27
Megaupload: http://lix.in/2ceed5d9
Badongo: http://lix.in/a545a7ea

Jess dijo...

Excelente album.

Jess dijo...

Saludos de nuevo.
Estoy recomendando aqui tu blog:


EzequieL dijo...

Gracias Jess.

Anónimo dijo...


This is, indeed, a very good album.
Unfortunately, it contains lots of
"ripping errors" - especially in the
last two pieces.

Please, please, try to rip it again.
But this time, do it more carefully.

And then, re-upload the album.

Neuronium's creation deserves to
be much better known/popularized.
It's a valuable formation.

I thank for your understanding.

Gracias, senor Ezequiel, for all
your efforts.

EzequieL dijo...

Hi there Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry I haven't noticed these flaws, but, believe it or not, I ripped it years ago and never heard it! Since I don't have the original CD on my shelves at this very moment, and I moved from the neighbourhood where the library I borrowed it from is located, I can't rip it again. However, the remaster/rerelease under the title "The New Visitor" will be posted sooner or later (rather sooner). Cheers!

ennorie dijo...

at first sorry for digging out old topic.
For second: hail, for your taste !

I am looking for the lyrics for "New Visitor" for some time now, but could not achieve any success. English is not my primary language, so vocal sounds not so clear to me (and so for my friends(non native also)).
Is there any way you could help me with this?

EzequieL dijo...

No apologize mate, I'm always happy to see new comments here.

Yeah, it's quite difficult to understand the lyrics on most Neuronium albums. However, The New Visitor is nothing but a remastered CD release of The Visitor; years ago I ripped the original version from a CD I borrowed from the library. I can't remember if the lyrics were print in the booklet. Have you tried downloading the scans through some P2P program? I've found lots in SoulSeek.