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Carlos Guirao - Revelation (VINILO) / (VINYL)

Año de publicación: 1982

Subgénero: Electrónica/espacial/sintetista, sinfónico. Instrumental.

Carlos Guirao fue miembro fundador del dúo Neuronium. En 1982 se aleja del proyecto, quedando éste en manos de Michel Huygen. Ese mismo año, Guirao publica Revelation, su único disco solista hasta 2008 (Memorias De Un Ser Humano), en una vena muy similar a la de los trabajos de Neuronium por entonces.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: Con gran tristeza debo informaros que Carlos Guirao perdió su batalla contra el cáncer el pasado 17 de Enero. Que en paz descanses, donde sea que estés.
Más información aquí:

Rip de vinilo, nunca publicado en CD.
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Year of release: 1982

Sub-genre: Electronic/spacey/synthetist, symphonic. Instrumental.

Carlos Guirao is an ex-member and co-founder of the electronic duo Neuronium. In 1982 he left the project, leaving it on the hands of the other half of the duo, Michel Huygen. That same year, Guirao releases Revelation, his only solo album until 2008 (Memorias De Un Ser Humano). It sounds a lot like anything Neuronium were doing up to that point.

UPDATE: It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Carlos Guirao finally lost his battle with cancer last January 17th. Rest in peace, wherever you are.
More info here (in English):

Vinyl rip, never issued on CD. Link in comments.

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EzequieL dijo...

Carlos Guirao - Revelation (VINILO) / (VINYL)


Neuroniumfan dijo...

Muchas gracias Ezequiel, lo estaba esperando desde que posteaste "Memorias de un ser humano", se agracede el detalle de incluir las portadas también.
me alegro de que este expléndido blog no haya cerrado como parecia.

reza dijo...

The music is great but unfortunately the rip quality is low. could you please rip the fiels, especially those of Neuronium and Hugen, in higher quality?
thanks again for the great blog.

EzequieL dijo...

Sorry, I don't have the original LP. Cheers.

Anónimo dijo...

Pity. Reza is right and the music on Revelation is very good.

Anónimo dijo...

Dear Ezequiel, Sir,

I thank you, for giving us the
opportunity to listen to Carlos
Guirao's music.

With the exception of the first
two minutes, from "Revelation",
where there are some unpleasant
"interruptions", the digitisation
quality, of the rest of the album,
is surprisingly good.

Indeed, the eighties are another
age. The Electronic music land-
scape has been dramatically changed
by the introduction, in 1983, of
the first "digital synthesizer":
the famous "DX7" - manufactured
by Yamaha Corp.

Maybe I'm wrong, but my belief is
that the majority of the genre's
masterpieces were produced before
1983 - 1984; or, a few, after
these years, but using electronic
equipments made before 1983...

Today, it takes months only to
program a modern, professional,
musical instrument.

The musicians have the technical
means, but they lack the inspira-
tion. They are enslaved by their
sophisticated machines.

But, enough with this.

If I'm not asking too much, can
you offer us the album titled
"Elixir", in the near future?

I thank you again for your efforts.
And for your generosity.


mindchild dijo...

Por fin! editado en CD y con CD bonus!