jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

Ifna - (Sin nombre) / (Nameless)

Año de publicación: 2004

Subgénero: Neo psicodelia, sinfónico.


Demo de 6 temas, 29 minutos. Ripeado a 128 kbps. Enlace en comentarios.


Year of release: 2004

Sub-genre: Neo psychedelia, symphonic.


Demo, clocks at 29 minutes. Encoded at 128 kbps. Link in comments.

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EzequieL dijo...

Ifna - (Sin nombre) / (Nameless)

Rapidshare: http://lix.in/5bf08a05
zShare: http://lix.in/046cf82d
Megaupload: http://lix.in/8c1e2b72
Badongo: http://lix.in/2a7c93e1
Mediafire: http://lix.in/3cbdc7fd

Anónimo dijo...

why do you always say "Gay Band"? are you gay? are these bands gay? who cares? this is about music. I dont want to know if they are gay or not. what's your point?

EzequieL dijo...

Get a nick if you want an answer.